Xeralife Germ Decontaminator Mask

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Xeralife medical grade, surgical masks with a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of 99% compared to other 3 ply and molded face masks with BFE ratings of 85% to 92% (1), the T-Zap enhanced filter has been proven by the Biomedical Science Association (BMSA) in Japan to be effective against all forms of Influenza, including Avian flu and Swine flu.  (1) Reference: “the relationship of fabric properties and BFE for selected surgical face masks.” By K. Leonas and C. Jones, Journal of textile and apparel technology and management; volume 3, issue 2, fall 2003

Xeralife mask benefits

• Prevents infection
• Avoids germ cross-contamination
• Alleviates allergy and respiratory infections
• Protects against present and future flu pandemics
• Avoids the use of harmful chemicals
• Eliminates odorsFeatures and SpecificationsFeatures Absorbs and decomposes organic contaminants including: viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold as well as odors and VOCs

Standard Medical grade

4 ply structure

Material used (starting from user end and moving towards exterior of mask)
layer 1: spunbound fabric
layer 2: Meltblow
layer 3: HEPA Filter powered by T-Zap
layer 4: thermal bonded fabric Polypropylene (PP)
band: nylon and PP

Suggested usages

• Emergency services
• Operating rooms
• Intensive care units
• Isolation wards
• Nursing homes
• Nurseries
• Doctors, Dentist and Veterinarian offices
• Medical laboratoriesBusinesses
• Research laboratories
• Sterile processing
• Clean rooms

• Day care centers
• Schools
• Universities

• In home – cross contamination protection
• Outside – infection prevention

User Precautions
• One time usage – up to 24 hours
• Dispose of mask properly to avoid cross-contamination
• Do not wash
• Not effective against noxious fumes and toxic dustStorage
• Keep away from direct sunlight
• Best stored below 40% relative humidity and below 30oC
• Retention period 3 years
• Note: discoloration will not affect effectiveness

Summary of independent laboratory testing
• Biocompatibility

Description International Test Standard Laboratory Study # Results Comments
1  Cytotoxicity - Agar Overlay ISO10993 Nelson Pass
   No diffusable components that cause any harmful effects on animal cells
2  Irritation - Primary Skin ISO10993 Nelson Negligible irritant
   Causes no irritation when worn against the skin
3  Sensitisation - Buehler Method ISO10993 Nelson No abnormal clinical signs
   Causes no sensitisation when worn against the skin

• Filtration of Micro-organisms and particulates

Description International Test Standard Laboratory Study # Results Comments
4  Bacterial Filtration EN14683 Nelson #477323 99.9%
   Filters > 99.9% of airborne bacteria
5  Viral Filtration ASTM F2101 Nelson #477322 99.8%
   Filters 99.8% of airborne viruses
6  0.1 μm Latex Particulate Filtrations ASTM F2299 Nelson #477326 97% @ 0.1 μm
   Filters particulates ≥ 0.1 microns such as dust mites, pet dander, pollen and air pollutants

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